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Scotland || A little bit of ART

Day 6 || Today was again a very chilled day, we went to the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art, this museum…


My current FAVOURITE Lipsticks

Lipstick || So these are my current four favourite lipsticks and I always carry at least one of them with me…


Scotland || Sweet, Sweet Edinburgh

Day 5 || Today, we visited the wonderful capital city of Scotland: EDINBURGH! In the morning, we took the trams to…


Scotland || A break

Day 4 || Today, my mum and I were too tired to make the roadtrip that we had planed yesterday and…


Scotland || South-east coast

Day 3 || Today, we took a roadtrip along the south-east coast of Scotland. First Stop: Culross, a little cute village…


Scotland || Loch Lomond

Day 2 || So today my alarm rang at 5 o’clock, yes, on purpose! Cause you know, the early bird catches…


Scotland || The Adventure begins

Day 1 || How exiting! SCOTLAND, the country of bagpipes, beautiful landscapes and whisky and I’m having the chance to visit…


|| About ME ||

Hello there, I’m Charlotte aka. Kassiopeia! I grew up and still live and go to school in wonderful Bavaria in good…


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