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When you see the harbour in the sun, the water shimmering, almost as if there are a millions of little blue crystals swimming in there, the colourful houses that look so comfortable and the seagulls flying above all of this, you really do understand why Copenhagen has been voted several times to be one of the happiest cities in the world.

Even though the weather was so unbelievably nice when we went to Copenhagen, I think this city must be beautiful with or without sun, even on a rainy, cloudy day. Nevertheless, the weather was perfect for a tour on a boat around Copenhagen, we saw different tourist attractions, of course including the little mermaid statue (almost couldn’t see her between all of the people trying to take pictures with her but without any of the other guys trying to do exactly the same thing, pretty funny when you think about it), but also nice neighbourhoods and thousands of houseboats (could you imagine living on a boat, leaving out the environmental impact for a second, of course. By the way the boats for the city-tours were eco-friendly, I didn’t fully understand why exactly, it has a different way of producing energy, I think that’s what our guide said).

The tour took around an hour and we started walking to the Nyhavn harbour, just like we walked from the train station to the boat-tour-station. We walked along the riverside and started to get really hungry, when we arrived at the harbour a lot of tourists had seemingly the same idea. The crowd was so large plus the enormous number of restaurants that were filled to the max. We found a little, less busy restaurant in one of the side roads, unfortunately it had only three (but still that’s more than normally) vegetarian dishes, but especially my mum and I were so hungry that we just went with it.

Then we split up: my dad went to a motorbike-store and my mum and I waked through the shopping-lane and she wanted to visit a big shopping mall with a lot of designers and also interior-decor-thingies, the famous Scandinavian, especially the Danish design. We also visited the Hay House, a store filled with nice, modern, unusual designs, very nice aesthetic!

I found some sustainable labels and stores and mainly second-hand-shops in Copenhagen beforehand but unfortunately they were quite far and at some point I really wasn’t in the mood to shop (didn’t buy anything that day) and we just sat down in a café and strolled around in tinier streets which weren’t so stuffed with people.

Finally, I was very tired, we walked eight to nine kilometres and additionally I jogged in the morning, so you know, I was ready to go back to our vacation home even if that meant that we had to leave the beautiful Copenhagen. On the way home I fell asleep quite often and in the end I had my nice, comfy bed back.

If you haven’t noticed it, yet, I really enjoyed my time in Copenhagen, but to be honest I need to go back there to see more of the city (and maybe I shouldn’t jog right before going here) and spend several days here. I totally recommend visiting Copenhagen, it is, I think so at least, in a beautiful way very different to other capitals and has a good atmosphere.

XOXO Kassiopeia

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