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DENMARK. I am back, baby. Yes, I have been here a couple of times and yes, I will come back about a hundred times again. I’m in love with all the northern countries of Europe: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, all of them!!! There used to be a time when we spent every single family-vacation in Scandinavia, but my parents got kind of sick of it, understandable, but I totally could go back here every year. Even considering living here maybe at some point in my life.

Anyways, for now we are back. Last vacation with my parents before moving temporarily to London and I’m ready to enjoy it fully.

We arrived on Monday but not early enough to really call this day the start of our holiday. On Tuesday we really started to chill out and to enjoy our vacation. Just reading, sleeping, discovering the “beach” (there’s no such thing as a real beach out here, just stones, but I like it).

Finally, Wednesday, first adventure-day: We drove to a little museum, a little house by the sea which used to be the home of an, I would say, impressionist artist and his family. I didn’t necessarily like all of the pictures he drew but the house and the lighting outside was so perfect when we arrived, so I was able to take some nice pictures (at least I think so, my mum thinks they are too dark. No, no, it’s all fine, I’m not offended, noooo never 😉).

It honestly took us only like thirty minutes and we were done, saw the house, looked at the paintings and explored the garden, so we went to find a grave of a king next, but, yeah, we found a stone. We think it maybe has been the grave, but it was so plane and simple and didn’t look anything like you would expect a king’s grave to look like. We even accidently almost stumbled into a military base on our hunt after the royal grave, upsi! So, we gave up when we realised that the place where the grave would have been was a little too far in the woods and we rather went on a little walk to a “lost village” and some spooky little figures. I’m not sure if they represent the death or some sort of secret society or maybe the villagers, but either way they are spooky and haunted for sure 😉. We saw some cute horses and some chewing cows and a whole lot of nature, really beautiful atmosphere overall, so we were not mad when the lost city wasn’t really that hmm, amazing, it was actually very lost, so lost, that there wasn’t anything at all. We kind of expected some ruins of houses and just recognizable leftovers of a village, but nop, not here. Well to be fair, there were some stones that almost looked like they were, at some point, part of fundaments of houses and maybe we should have lowered our expectations beforehand and like I said we still enjoyed that walk anyways, with or without a lost village.  

Then in the end we visited a little town, supposedly not lost but very busy, but eh yeah, I guess, we were here too early in the year, so nobody really, other than us, visits the city, yet. It was so strange, although there were a some people walking up and down the main street, it looked almost like a zombie-city out of a horror film, not because 90% of the people there were in their nineties but more so because it was so silent and cold. I really don’t know, it was almost scary and we left pretty soon after eating some delicious cinnamon rolls and hit the road to get back to our safe, zombie-free vacation home.

You might be wandering how the hell we did these few things and the day already was over by then, but we set off pretty late around lunch time and additionally it also took us some time to get from one thing to another, so it really was around six or seven pm when we came back home.

Today, on Thursday, we will relax again and have a nice day at our house before we will visit Copenhagen, tomorrow, lovely city. I’ve been there before but I only remember the statue of the little mermaid, so I’m exited to visit the city once again and maybe this time make more memories than those I made when I was younger.

Here are some more pictures of the day 🙂

XOXO Kassiopeia

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