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In an older Blog I mentioned how I wanted to start a bullet journal, well guess what, I did. I wanted 2019 to be a super organised year for me and bullet journaling has really helped me so far. Because of my journal I’m learning way better because I have a plan. I can be a little creative but still have everything planned through and it does not take too much time of my day.

Honestly though, most of the time I need inspiration from either pinterest or often by artists who show their bullet journals (check out Pypah’s Art, I “steal” a lot of her designs because I love them so much, she’s so talented).

Every month I design the cover differently, but I have kept my layout the same since the beginning of this year, it just makes it easier and faster to draw.

I mostly just write everyday plans but sometimes I also draw into my journal when I’m bored at school or so and sometimes, I write little things which could be considered as poetry slams but not really if you know what I mean 😊. So this is a mixture of a diary and a personal planner for me. That’s just perfect because when I had a diary, I wouldn’t write in, and I had a planner, it had way too little space for my plans, so a bullet journal is two in one for me, yeah!!

I hope you like my designs, like I said I don’t always come up with them by myself, but I do try to personalize them and put something from me into it (if that makes sense).

I will keep on writing and designing my bullet journal even after I finished school because it does help you to not waste your time and be productive. So why not try it, maybe you’ll love it as much as I do!!

XOXO Kassiopeia

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