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First of all, I hope you had a great day so far whoever you are and whatever you did.

Today, I want to tell you about the stuff I bought the last couple of months. As you might know from other posts, I pretty much changes my lifestyle completely about half a year ago and started to live more conscious and thought about the impact I have on this planet, I stopped buying fast fashion and generally started to reduce the waste I produce. Now, I shop fair and sustainable or second-hand clothing, it took me some time to find fair brands that I liked but many blogs and fair fashion influencers helped me with that.

The first item is this dark blue sweatshirt by the brand thinking mu and I’m so happy I bought it. It’s really soft, a nice fit and I love the slogan “Hope to the Ocean” with the cute little whale. Thinking mu is already one of my favourite brands with, I think, decent pricing for organic cotton clothing.

These little earrings I got are by Jyoti – Fair Works and I love them. I actually don’t wear earrings every day, but these are amazing, I wore them non-stop since I got them!!! I love little, discreet jewellery, so these are just perfect for me. (You should check out this brand because the German fair-fashion-blogger heylilahey collaborated with Jyoti and designed real cool blouses, they look lovely)

Another accessory I got is this cropped beanie, I love the look of those and was kind of inspired to buy one by my favourite YouTuber at the moment, and I found this grey one by the brand Rotholz, they have great stuff in general!

Next, I bought this super cute dress by LucyandYak, again I can really recommend checking out this brand (no brand-deals even though it may sound like that), they have these dresses, cute dungarees and nice accessories. I had a similar dress in almost the same colour and loved it so much but at some point, it was too small for me, so I’m so happy I found this wonderful piece!

I needed a new pair of jeans for the longest time and couldn’t find any at second-hand stores in the right size. I tried some jeans on by different sustainable brands, none of them seemed to fit, almost gave up! But yes, you guessed it, I found my pair!! These pants by Feuervogl are exactly my size, they are too long though because I’m a pretty small lady, you know?! I’m going to fix their length when they’re washed, hopefully I don’t make them too short 😊.

I sorted out my closet recently, so I don’t have a lot stuff at the moment, so I’ll probably get some more clothes in the next time, but mostly second-hand. I will give all of the clothes which are still wearable to some second-hand stores and some to charity and hopefully someone else will give them a second life. So, I might do a second-hand haul as well when I find some good stuff but yeah we shall see!

XOXO Kassiopeia

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      ^-^ Thanks!! Love your blog!!

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