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 some say it’s a gift, a talent, some say you can learn it. Well, I don’t know if I have this talent or whether or not I’ll ever learn how to be creative.

I sometimes feel like I lost some parts of my creativity, I feel like I used to be way more creative when I was a child. I wrote stories, just like that, I drew pictures and just knew what I was going for. Now, when I paint a picture or write a little text, I need so long to find a topic, a theme.

I also often have a hard time to continue with the creative stuff I started at some point because I kind of need a specific mindset, feeling and intuition. I know, it sounds strange, but I can’t be creative everywhere and every time. Oftentimes, I’m jealous of those people who are able to just sit down and start drawing, writing, whatever and also it seems like they always have an exact plan, a goal how their art-piece will turn out. I never ever just sat down and started to draw, just like I said, it must be the right time and I have to think about it first forever and ever.

These things are quite often the reasons, I’m not happy with my work or sometimes don’t even start with a project because I feel like I’m going to overthink it anyway.

As you might know or not know, I’ll finish school next year (or this year, in case I post this in 2019) and then I will take a break for a year or so (we’ll see, might spend my break as an au-pair in the UK), after that gap-year I’m going to start to study. I’m pretty sure I complained in another post about how I struggle with deciding what exact subject I’ll choose to study. (Okay, you’ll understand what all of that has to do with “Creativity”) I would really like a subject of study in the topic of film, design, photography or media, so you see these are all very creative subjects and I really don’t know if I have enough of that creativity stuff (whatever that is?!?) in me to choose one of those and also work later ☹. That was quite a long explanation, I’m sorry but I hope you get my struggle (if you can call it that).

Creativity means something different to everybody and also every person lets it out very differently. Cooking a meal, writing down pretty notes, drawing, gifting or even making a snow angel, these are all parts of Creativity and it’s important to remember that in your everyday life to make it a bit more happy, pretty and yeah just creative.

I hope I inspired you to think about Creativity and how you can to bring it more and more into your life.

XOXO Kassiopeia

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