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I know, I know. It’s a well discussed topic but still I like to philosophize about it once in a while. What’s after life? Another one or paradise, hell or the big Elephant in the Room which is actually nothing.

I can’t imagen not being but I do sometimes also have a hard time actually believing I’m alive, just start thinking about how you are here on this planet, how you can do things, go places and at some point it all seems so surreal, right? Ever thought about life could be just an Illusion, you could be somewhere else and some kind of aliens are controlling your mind. That would mean that death could be an Illusion, too. Crazy, isn’t it?

My granddad died 3 years ago, his day of death is mainly the reason I’m writing this. We often say how he’s looking down at us laughing or getting mad at us for doing something the wrong way. It’s a nice picture to have, read people looking down at their loved ones but honestly it is an Image we keep to make the loss easier for us. I personally never belonged to any religion, although my parent both grew up in Christian families they didn’t got me baptised to make sure I would be able to choose whatever Religion I would feel drawn to. I don’t claim that I will never find the right Religion for me but so far I don’t believe in any sort of god or gods. I’m Not denying that something supernatural exists which might even influence our lives and deaths and whatever comes after, the most explanations given by Religions don’t satisfy me, don’t make total sense to me.

So I don’t necessarily believe in religious answers to the question what happens after life is over. I do still ask myself if we have to prepare for it or Kind of make wise or moral choices in order to get a second chance. Of course, I don’t act morally because of this thought but I Do think about this. What’s right and wrong and will it have any sort consequences in this or any other lives.

I obviously could go on and on and on about this topic, might even Do a Part two in the future, maybe my opinion will change. For now, I will end this post and leave you and your thoughts alone, let it all sink in.

See you next week for some different Monday matters. HOPE YOU enjoyed this post!

XOXO Kassiopeia

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