The 13th Page

Okay, I have a story to tell! Just a short one to make you laugh or shake your head and show you I’m everything but perfect 😉







So to be able to write my final exams I have to first write a paper, a very important one. I have been writing it since early august and the last day to hand it in is next Tuesday.
I had quite some problems with sticking to the given page limit and wrote way to much, shorten it and may or may not cheated a tiny bit with the font size :). 12 pages at most, well we convinced our teacher, now we can write “12,9” pages, generous isn’t it?
I tried so many different things and I think it easily took as long to shorten it as it took to write it, maybe.
But eventually I finished and gave it my brother to read though. We changed some things and guess what… we were back to 14 pages again!
Again, we had to rework everything. My brother did some stuff on his Computer, “12,9” pages again. He sent the document to me and because we have different programs, word and open office, it changed when I opened it and yeah, yeah we had 14 pages again. Noooooooo!
So lets just skip forward to when we finally figured out and had 12,9 pages, whatever that means. now, I had to copy everything and bound it, I went to a shop to do this and everything went just well. I was so, so happy to finally after months of work hold my paper in my hands.
I went home and showed it proudly to my family. I wanted my mum to read the last page, not only because it caused so many troubles but also because I think I did a pretty good job writing it. I turned over the 12th page and… well no 13th page.
The guy who bound it somehow missed the page!!! That page must have been cursed!!
After having a tiny melt down, my family and I figured out a way to fix it, hopefully… we shall see 🙂 (haven’t done it yet)
That’s a story, right? Hope you had fuuunnn 🙂
I might share these kind of storys of my life more often because these happen a lot in my life, trust me.


Hey you all, it’s future me, well and I can proudly say… I had to copy two more times. Now, I finally got everything done and sorted out, I’m finnnnissshheeddd!!!


XOXO Kassiopeia

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