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Heyho everybody 🙂


I know it has been a while, and I have the same excuse as always, school. It’s my last year and it is getting REAL.
But I don’t want to talk about that right now, no today’s topic is low waste.
I’m trying to reduce the amount of waste I produce everyday because it’s unnecessary and bad for our lovely planet. Take fruits for examples, nature gave most of them a shell, why then wrap plastic around them, it doesn’t make sense!
Im trying to be a better human and be nice to the environment, I stoned buying any kind of fast fashion and started to shop either second hand or fair, organic and vegan. And as I mentioned before I just try to use less plastic or any other unnecessary waste.
I hope I can take you with me on this journey and maybe inspire some to change your life as well.
Before I finally start with this haul I want to clarify why I use the term low waste instead of the better known movement Zero waste. I try to use as little plastic as possible but to produce no waste at all is almost impossible, you don’t have influence on everything, for example I had to purchase something for school, without this product I would have failed the tests because it’s necessary to own and use this for it. Unfortunately, it was in a plastic packaging, so I really couldn’t avoid this. Also in restaurants for example, you can’t always see what is going on behind the scenes.
For this reason I think calling it low waste makes much more sense. A new movement I like therefore much more than this Zero waste thing is the low impact movement founded by a Blogger called sustainably vegan, click here to visit her Blog and learn more.

And now, I really Do Start with this haul.
I’ll start with this but it was actually one of the last things I thought about when trying to change my life, tooth paste. There are different sustainable options and I choose this one, but to be honest I used it a couple of times and my teeth feel still dirty after using this, as soon as this is used up I will try some of these tooth paste drops, you can get them at most Zero-waste-stores. With this tooth paste I also ordered a bamboo tooth brush to replace these plastic ones. I still use my electric tooth brush because there isn’t really a sustainable dupes, or maybe I just didn’t find one yet. But for travelling and so on this is a really good investment, I just feel like using this everyday wouldn’t clean my teeth that good, they are a bit more sensitive.





A product I’m so pleased with is this razor with metal razor blades. Its not only a sustainable replacement but also much cheaper in the long run. 5 of these plastic blades cost about 15€ here and I would say I need about ten of these packs a year, so 50 blades a year for 150€. The blades I bought for this razor were 8,99€ but a total of 100 so, I can use them for about two years and spend way less money just saying. I was afraid I would easily cut myself but it was quite simple to use, so don’t be afraid!!!




Sticking with bamboo gear, I also bought this so called spork, can you guess, a spoon and a fork, a spork. I just thought also for travelling this is a good purchase in case there’s only plastic cutlery to use. Its just quite useful because its so little and fits everywhere but I guess some people would rather like separate spoon, fork and knife which you can also buy made out of bamboo or other wood.

To avoid plastic bottles I started using this water bottle, unfortunately I didn’t read the description enough and missed that this was just designed in Germany, not made. Bad mistake by me but I hope Ill use this bottle very, very long and therefore still make a change with it and if this one ever falls apart or anything Ill pick a better one.




Now, we come to the clothing Part of this haul, I bought a pair of socks made out of organic Cotton and yeah, they are socks, nice, soft and just… socks.

And also made out of organic Cotton and fair produced in Germany the two new bras I now own. I Do like them very much but I was really disappointed when these came wrapped in plastic bags each. I really thought because of the image of this Company they wouldn’t do such an environment-unfriendly thing.

All in all, I had very a successful first big sustainable shopping and I hope I learn something new from my mistakes.
And maybe you learned something, too very cool if you did. If you could me one favour, please, think about your impact on our earth and whether or not you maybe change a few things in your life.

XOXO Kassiopeia

Waaaiiiiiiiiit… okay, I forgot one purchase I made, a very interesting one, actually. It’s a menstrual cup, sooo I won’t explain what that is because I guess all my girls out there know. I bought it to reduce the amount of waste you produce during your period but i have to be honest I haven’t fiugured out yet how to use it. I do think though this cup is a very good sustainable option!

Okay now I’m done!

XOXO Kassiopeia

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