London || Picasso and Saying Good Bye

Day 8 || Leaving day 🙁 but we had some time left till we had to be at the airport so we visited Tate Modern, mainly to see the Picasso 1932 exhibition. I really enjoyed most of the pictures, some, in my opinion, weren’t as good as others but that hasn’t to be everybody’s opinion. I just think it’s really sad when people think they have to like a picture because it’s by Picasso or Monet, some don’t even think about it but I truly believe that art means something different to everybody and that’s not only okay, it’s awesome!!!







When we finished looking at the paintings, we went to the top of the building from where we were able to see the whole city, such a great ending to a beautiful trip. This trip was like a reward for me and the memory will give me strength for the coming year which will be my last but also hardest one at school. I’m thankful for every second I got to spend there and really hope you enjoyed my posts and pictures about my lovely time in London. Thank you for following along and reading this post.





XOXO Kassiopeia

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