London || Dickens and Potter

Day 7 || So this is our last full day here in London and we plan it to be awesome but not too full. First thing my mum and I did today was visiting the Charles Dickens Museum in his house in London. It was so nice, not only the museum itself but the people who worked there, too. We enjoyed the visit very much aswell as the café in the garden of the house where we stayed at least one and a half hour.







So it was already past lunch time when we got out of there and travelled to King’s Cross where I finally got to see Platform 9 ¾ well, it was really hard to see it because of the crowd of people standing there but I should have expect that. I didn’t took one of these picture which look like you run into the wall just like Harry Potter, first of all because the waiting line was sooo freaking long and two I don’t actually like pictures of my own. So I just went into the shop but just to look at the stuff, I didn’t buy anything but got the idea of making a Harry Potter scarf myself with either my sewing machine or to knit it.






In a store at the station we got some stuff because we impulsively wanted to go on a picnic in The Regent’s Park where we spend a very, very long time, I even fell asleep on the grass and we saw many squirrels, really cute. After relaxing for such a long time, we started wandering around in the park and saw some lovely roses and funny ducks.







For dinner, we went to eat at a Wagamama nearby our flat, it was delicious and what I like about this fast food chain is that eating there means way less waste than like at McDonalds or other stores.







We also got the chance to see the St. Paul’s Cathedral at night, gorgeous and not as crowded as in the daytime.

Tomorrow we’ll leave, really sad to leave this city but I hope I’ll be able to get back here after I finished school, maybe as an aupair or after I earned a little money to make a trip through Great Britain with a long as possible stop in London but also I want to go back to Scotland. Maybe I’ll upload a post about my ideas for what I could between finishing school and starting with uni.


But for now have good bye :).


XOXO Kassiopeia

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