London || Shakespeare and Rain

Day 6 || This morning, the Globe Theatre or Shakespeare’s Globe was our first destination. It was an fifteen hour walk from our flat along the river Thames, it was really nice and there were many people who were jogging and strolling here. We used the so called Millennium Bridge to get to the other bank and while walking on the bridge I realised somebody made mini art pieces on the floor, very cool and creative, they were all over the bridge. Here’s a picture, isn’t it great and original?







We didn’t booked a tour and just wanted to look at the building and of course my mum had to go into the gift shop. I was really happy when I saw that the t-shirts and bags which were sold there were made in the UK and not mad out of polyester but cotton. I bought a funny book for my brothers upcoming birthday, I will show you this in another post just in case he reads this (no chance but just in case), to keep a little bit of the surprise. My mum bought some stuff for her and friends and she bought a bag for me (I considered it is definitely more sustainable than bags you normally find in gift stores and I did need a bag for shopping so I can say no to any plastic bags) with a quote from Hamlet.






The Globe Theatre is right next to the Tate Modern building but we’re planning to go there on the day we’ll leave (Wednesday). However, we ate a pizza at a stall in front of it and right before our pizza was ready it started to rain so bad we had to hide under a parasol and got wet anyway, especially our feet, the pizza made everything better though. I also had this lemonade which was invented in Germany, I love the brand, it’s fairtrade, organic and bio and also they support different projects and have great ideas how to use the bottle for Diys. (click here if you want to find out more about this brand, go support them and try their lemonades, they are really, really great!!!).







We took the subway to the district Belgravia and, like we always did in the last days, strolled around, saw the famous bakery “Peggy Porschen” ( so many girls were there to take instagram pictures, just look at the picture down below and you will know why) and ended up (because of me) in the organic café “daylesford” which is also a farmshop. My mother had a nice English breakfast tee, my dad a fresh orange juice and I enjoyed another lemonade.

We also bought some cheese, a fresh soup and some nice tomatoes for our dinner.






We took the bus to get home and actually drove on the exact same road on which like ten hours later that car crashed into the security barriers of Westminster, that’s so crazy and scary! I hope the two injured people will get better soon and I also hope the police will know more soon.





XOXO Kassiopeia

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