London || Shopping and Marylebone

Day 5 || Remember, yesterday I went to the Vintage Market. Well, today I went back there!! It’s very huge, so on day 4 I wasn’t able to look at all the stuff. I wanted to go back to find some more items and obviously I did, a t-shirt, a very funny trouser and a pair of sunglasses. I also visited a secondhand store nearby the Brick lane and bought another t-shirt there. And that took me 3 hours, yes 3 hours, I’m crazy, I know, but it just took me sooo long to decide if I should get the different pieces and I was really unsure about a denim dress which I ended up not buying but still took me so long to look at it. (Blog Post about my first secondhand shopping experiences is coming soon)






My parents waited for me in the Spitalfields Market (in which we walked around yesterday, too) and when I was finished and ate a very delicious pizza there, we took the subway to the Camden Market and walked around here for a bit but because we were really tired (I just spend 3 hours walking around, so yeah).

There were different shops with food (a lot of food!), vintage clothing, souvenirs, gift cards, bags, graffitis and much more. It smelled really funny there, like old and drugs and stuff. We did not buy anything and actually didn’t spend much time at the market (about an hour).







We took a bus to Marylebone (in case you’re wondering, we use the oyster card to get around London) and rambled around there for a bit to then sit down in a wine bar called “Coco Momo” and my parents had some wine and we also shared a bowl of nachos.







When we came back home we had some bread with hummus and another dip with also some cheese. And again we watched some TV, it’s really great to practice some vocabulary.




Good night 🙂

XOXO Kassiopeia

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