London || colourful Houses and Ramble

Day 3 || For breakfast we ate cereal again, here’s a picture if you’re interested, I mix it with apples and any other fruits we have at our flat :). As planned we walked around in Notting Hill and looked at the cute, colourful houses (I really would like to live in one of these but I guess this area, well London in general, is pretty expensive) and also walked through the Portobello Market (really not the nicest market in London but the part with the food looked so good).







After we were finished with the market, we strolled around in Notting Hill a bit more and my mom bought some stuff and we also visited the bookshop of the film “Notting Hill” (very exiting and pretty cute).






Then for lunch we ate at Ottolenghi which was … well, I really didn’t eat much cause in all the mains were meat and the only meatless dish was not available any more. While we were in there it started raining really bad but I really had to go to the toilet so we run really fast (really hard when you have to pee) to a store in which we were before and knew there’s a rest room in this shop.







Luckily, the rain stopped when we came out and we continued to ramble because Notting Hill is just really nice to spend time there.

In the end my parents sat down to drink some wine and I went into a shop, called “Ragyard”, I looked up before because they upcycle vintage clothing but therefore it’s really expensive and I didn’t buy anything.







After chilling out for a bit at our flat we took the bus to go to the very famous Shopping Centre “Harrods” but we were quite disappointed. So many designers and no independent sellers unfortunately. We really didn’t like it AT ALL, we looked at the book section for a bit but then left pretty fast. Since I changed my mind about all this designer stuff and in general fast fashion, I hadn’t any intentions to something anyway but I hoped it would be more like a market and nice to walk through but (like I sad) spending time there was pretty uncomfortable, for us at least.







So a bid defeated we went back home and enjoyed a really nice, rustic dinner with bread, hummus and cheese (made everything better really) we bought earlier in Notting Hill at an organic shop.

And as usual we watched some TV and fall asleep later on.

Tomorrow we will be on the hunt for graffitis and in general streetart, exited!!!


XOXO Kassiopeia

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