London || Portraits and red Boots

Day 2 || So we started the first full day in London with a mini breakfast at our flat and then walked to the National Portrait Gallery which is nearby the Trafalgar Square. There were so many famous portrait, for example of Shakespeare, Jane Austin (my favourite!!!!!), Elizabeth I and so many more.







But there were also modern pictures and paintings which were also very lovely and well done. After spending about one and a half hour there, we sat done in the café of the gallery and my parents drunk some tea and I had a delicious croissant.







Then we visited the Covent Garden Market and rambled around, listened to musicians, watched other street performers and then finally ate at a French (or Italian, not completely sure) bakery. I had a very good curry (spicy!!!).

After we saw all of the market we walked through Covent Garden and found the cute little passage Neal’s Yard but unfortunately the weather was baaaddd (raining, dark clouds, …) so it wasn’t as cute as I guess in the sunshine, still very nice though.









Then we went back home (/our rented flat) and I was very, very tired and didn’t wanted to go out again but my mom did. So she and I went to see the musical “kinky boots” and I actually enjoyed it a lot (don’t tell my mom though 😉 ) and I really loved the idea standing on stage and singing myself at some point of my life. I thought of getting singing lessons before and now I kind of want it even more but I probably won’t have time for this :(.







And then eventually I fell into my bed and was sooo happy to finally sleep.

Exited for tomorrows Notting Hill Adventure!!!

XOXO Kassiopeia

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