London || Arriving and Strolling around

Day 1 || Yeyy back in my second home, the UK. So this is the start to my London traveldiary and I’m really exited for this trip. Not only it’s like a reward for all my hard work and time for school this year but also London is one of my favourite cities in the woooorrrlllddd!!! We’ve visited London two years ago and it was amazing so I just know this trip is going to be fabulous, too or even better.







To get to the airport on time, we had to leave the house at 3.30 am, well and we almost made it but then (as usually) we left ten minutes late but that didn’t turn out to be a problem because every thing else, check in and securty (and running ten times to toilet), went down really smoothly and quickly. And finally we sat down in our plane and it set off at 6.40 am (also ten minutes late) and then arrived around 8 o’clock (which is 7 o’clock in UK time). Honestly, I slept trough the whole flight because I was so tired and I’m pretty sure that of our plane would have I would have slept through it :).







From London Stansted Airport we took an express train to London and arrived at the Liverpool Street Station which we knew from 2016 already and so we found the way out very easily. We weren’t able to check in our flat before 2 pm but we also didn’t want to drag our luggage around London, so we gave it to a luggage nanny (never heard of it before, actually), very nice guy (hard to understand but nice:) ), very strange place, store or whatever that was.

So our first stop after getting rid of our bags was the famous Hyde Park and a sculpture by the artist Christo which is floating on the Serpentine Lake. We walked around almost the whole lake but then sat down in a little café and took a little lunch break and relaxed for a bit. The weather was just brilliant and it wasn’t too hot (like in Germany) or too cold but there was a nice breeze and it was sooooooo nice, so I immediately got tired again and would have really enjoyed a nice nap but we had to leave to get to the flat on time.







Then the drama begun, we weren’t able to find the flat, we ran around the same area forEVER and tried to contact the costumer service guy but he (or she, honestly don’t know) wasn’t online and didn’t answer the phone for freaking half an hour and by the time he (she, it) finnnnaaaalllllly texted back we thought we got scammed. But then he sent us the right address and another guy was waiting for us (very young, very nervous) and everything went well.

We were sooo tired and stayed at the flat for about one and a half hour until my dad and I had to get our bags from our luggage nanny and also had to get some grocery shopping done.

In the evening we wanted to go out for dinner but my mom was so tired and defeated that my dad and I got some delicious food from the organic fast food company Léon and were really happy and filled with good food and then after watching some TV, we went to bed.

Yeah, so that was our first day and I’m so exited for what will happen tomorrow <3!!!



XOXO Kassiopeia

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