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Yesterday I wrote my last test of this school year (wuhuu!) and so finally I’m able to write this post which I wanted to publish for so long but I just hadn’t the damn time. So this is the first of many posts with the title “Let’s talk…”, this series will contain almost all of my crazy thoughts (some just have to stay secrets, don’t they?), topics which concern or scare me and a lot more. Sometimes they will be short, just as short as I am (I’m pretty short), and sometimes they will be loooooooongggg and maybe won’t make that much sense in the end. I’m really looking forward to writing these and I hope you’ll like reading them. So let’s get started:

So Environment is the topic of this post. Why? Because I can’t get these pictures of animals dying because of plastic out of my mind. I think about my impact on this planet for months now, I don’t know when it made click but I feel like I have to change my life to be a better human. We have no planet B, nop, so we have to take care of this one a lot more than we do right now. I feel like everybody knows that we can’t move on like this but nobody seems to give a f…udge (no swearwords here), non of those who could change the world really want to do that. Don’t they care about how this earth will look when their children or the children of their children will live here, that’s horrible, right?

I want to stop buying these cheap clothes made by little girls and boys in China or Bangladesh or India. I want them to be able to have the same privileges as I have and also these cheap clothes are so bad for our earth. I want to shop eco and fair clothes and natural cosmetic from now on buuutttt still baby steps is the keyword, I can’t change everything at once because of mainly financial reasons (I’m just a pupil, so I don’t really earn enough…well nothing). But a good option is second hand shopping, for that I’ll have to check out all of the second hand stores near to me to find the good ones (I’ll keep you updated!!).

So the content on here will change also just a little tiny bit… more eco friendly posts 🙂

Here are some little things to change the world:

Use reusable bags, no plastic

Don’t waste water in the shower

Use reusable bottles for school and work

Don’t waste food

Think twice before buying cheap clothing items

Don’t look away

Inform yourself (politics, fair trade, …)

Talk to others about Environment

Be nice to our planet


Guys, we just have this one planet, there’s no planet B!!!


XOXO Kassiopeia

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      XOXO Kassiopeia

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