Bullet Journaling || the Beginning

Finally, finaaalllyyy I have time to post again. I can tell you, I’ve been so busy the last five or six weeks with school and thousands of exams (okay, mayybbee “just” eight but that’s enough). So very exiting news, I got my bullet journal, yeyy!!! I watched quite some videos and checked Pinterest for inspiration and then got this dotted notebook from Leuchtturm1917 and some lovely new pencils for drawing.








I already started with like the first page and the first month but like I mentioned I worked really hard the last few weeks so I couldn’t really draw more. But now the holidays in Germany started and I have fourteen free days for my bullet journal (well, not that free because I have to learn for several more exams and prepare some presentations for school).







And tomorrow I’ll be away for eight days, so some travel posts coming at you pretty soon. I’m looking forward to the gorgeous beach and the sunsets and all the pretty pictures I’ll take of the gorgeous beach and the sunsets ;). Additionally, I’ll keep you updated on my bullet journal journey, I’m pretty damn exited for this. Sorry again for not posting for soooooo unbelievably long time but I promise it will be better because I have more time now!!!


XOXO Kassiopeia

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