|| My Everyday Make up Routine ||

I go to school, come home, maybe have an appointment, go to the gym and just get my daily stuff done, so I’m quite busy and don’t want a heavy make up on my face. I only use five products and three to five tools per day. Just when there’s like a certain event or I’m going out I use my loved, expensive and high end products.







I don’t put on moisturiser or any sort of primer, I just wash my face before putting my make up on. First I do my brows with the NYX micro brow pencil in espresso, too be honest I’m looking for an other brow product because this one is not available in my exact shade and it’s a bit too red. I’ll update you on my brows when I found something. Anyway, I’m getting distracted :), let’s go on, next up, I use the Brow Artist Plumper by L’Oréal Paris to make sure that they stay in place all day, exactly where I want them to be.








When I’m finished I correct my brows with my concealer and an angled brush to get them really precise. By the way, do you need as long for your brows as I do? I’m sometimes really ashamed of how bloody long I need for just one, when I started doing my brows I swear it like took me 5 minutes, now I need at least 15 minutes but only because I have to be fast before school but otherwise I could spend an hour on them (honestly, I did do that before!!! like what?!?).







As I already mentioned, I don’t like heavy make up during week and work (well, school but that’s my work) days, so I just use concealer on my cheeks and under my eyes instead of foundation. I spread a layer in triangle shape under my eye and anywhere where I’m a bit red, like around my nose. Blending time!!! I blend my concealer everywhere, around my eyes, eyebrows, nose, chin and year, just evvverywhereee.







Now, on to my favourite part, the (a little drum roll, please) HIGHLITER, who would have guessed that ;). I use the big brush by Zoeva (I think, it’s actually for contour but no, not in my world) for my cheeks, my nose and a bit on my forehead and under my brows and in my inner corner of my eye I use a little pencil brush.







Then I usually spray as much fix + on my face as I can but mine is empty, I soooo have to get a new one, like for real!







So now that I can’t do that, I just curl my lashes up to the sky and put my favourite mascara at the moment on, the they’re real mascara by benefit, unfortunately I think it’s gonna be empty very soon, too but I’m totally getting a new one.







Sometimes I put a pinkish or nude lipstick or more often a lipgloss on and then that’s it, that’s the final look 🙂







Hope you had fun reading about my make up routine and maybe it helped you with yours. Have a lovely rest of the weekend and I’m planing to post again before Easter but just in case I won’t happy Easter <3



XOXO Kassiopeia

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