Recipe || Green Pyjamas

I looovveee a good smoothie and I’ve tried quite some recipes and also invented some. So here’s my newest creation, well I haven’t found a epic name yet. Maybe Matcha Mix or Green Pyjamas (because I like to drink this in the morning when I’m still in my pjs), yeah I’m digging it… Okay, it’s official, Green Pyjamas, here we go:



(One of my fav bloggers in the picture: Em Sheldon, insta @emshelx)


55g frozen Mango

1 Banana

2g Matcha Pulver

35g frozen Berry-Mix

1 tspn lemon juice

1 tspn vanilla sugar

1/3 Milk & 2/3 Water (makes it healthier and still tastes sooo good)


Put it all in a mixer and mix it up. Well it doesn’t look that perfect and delicious but I swear it is!!!






XOXO Kassiopeia

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