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Heyo, I’m back… I took a little break, an unwanted one to be honest, School has been very busy the last weeks after Christmas, I know, bad excuse but that’s just how it was. But I’m trying my best to post now even more then ever, I’ve got some ideas, watch out ;).





For todays post I picked my 5 favourite nail polishes out of my collection, well I picked those I wear the most at the moment. You may or may not have seen one or two of these in previous posts but I also choose some I’ve never talked about … until NOOOWWWWW:

Wait, wait too much enthusiasm. First things first: nail care. So of course we wanna make sure our nails are super healthy and thick and happy (well if a nail can be happy), for that reason I use this nail cream by alessandro, yup it’s made out of strawberries and tomatos, great mixture, isn’t it? It smells kind of interesting but it definitely helps.





So now for the polishes: the lightest shade in this selection is “spaghetti strap” by essie, a very light pink. It’s discreet but still stylish, perfect. I think you can wear anything and everything with it, a blouse, a dress but also it suites a everyday outfit like a tee and some jeans, and as long it’s not a bright neon green you can wear it with any colour.



















Next we got the nail polish “DESERT DREAM” by manhatten, a slightly darker and dustier shade. It’s gorgeous (surprise, otherwise I wouldn’t have picked it). I like wearing it with any kind of white clothing item, it just looks phenomenal. When you put two or three layers on instead of just one this polish lasts quite long andit also looks more intense. It’s a cheap alternative to essie nail polishes.



















“ROSE BALETT” by l’Oréal Paris (I guess they changed the names because the nail polish with this name looks a lot more pink on the picture of the onlineshop, Idk is a mixture of pinky and peachy colours, unfortunately this one doesn’t last that long on the nails and you’ll have to retouch it again and again. BUT it is worth it because that colour tho. My tip and the reason why I bought this particular one is and was wear it with a blue blouse, these stripy ones which were everywhere last sommer, it looks OMG sooo good!!!



















Another essie nail polish, they’re just the best: “as if!”, I love the name. On the photos it looks more blue but it’s actually more a light purple, kind of the colour of lavender. This one doesn’t go with everything, there a quite some colours I don’t like wearing with it but go ahead and experiment with it ;).




















And the last one is a dark red and again on the photos it looks much lighter than it is in reality. The shade is called “YOUR FAVORITE” by manhattan, funny right? I think this colour is perfect for going out but also fits the everyday life. Here it’s the same, apply more layers and you’re good to go.

















                XOXO Kassiopeia

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