|| Unrealistic Wishlist ||

  1. Nike Air 97 (I’m not totally sure in which colour I woud get them but I just love how they look)
  2. Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette (I loooovvveee these colours and that one glitter shade ooommgg!!! I so wanna try it out!)
  3.  Sneakers by Gucci (I love all of them, at first I really wanted the ones with a bee on them but now I adore the other more fancy pairs aswell)
  4. ‘Dior so real pop” sunglasses in yellow (très chic <3)
  5. Princetown Slippers by Gucci
  6. Nile Bracelet Bag by Chloé (I love this bag, I first saw it in one of Lydia Emillen YouTube videos and immediatley fell in love with it!!)
  7. Faye Shoulder Bag by Chloé (another favorite)
  8. little Dionysus Shoulder Bag by Gucci (to be completely honest I didn’t know I want this bag till a few minutes ago. I was looking for another bag for this list and found this, aahhh I so want this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  9. Soho leather disco Bag by Gucci (that was the actual bag I was looking for)
  10. Classic Gucci Belt by Gucci (This can be such an eyecatcher and statement and still isn’t too much, suuuurrppriissseeeeee: I love it)
  11. Cateye Sunglasses in black by Gucci (no words)
  12. Classic Gucci T-shirt by Gucci (simple but expensiv as hell)
  13. Lucy Williams Mini Fang Necklace by Missoma (Found that one thanks to Tanya Burr, another YouTuber and it goes just perfect together with the next one)
  14. Lucy Williams Tiny Horn Necklace by Missoma
  15. Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills
  16. Every SINGLE Urban Decay Naked Palette that is out there!!!!!!
  17. Cahier Bag by Prada (not sure if I prefer the pink or the dark blue one)
  18. Clubmaster Classic sunglasses by Ray-Ban (just simple but Wuuuuuhuuu)
  19. Round Ray-Ban glasses, but I’m not sure what kind, there are so many and they all look fab
  20. All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation by Nars (heard a lot of it and now want to try it)
  21. Luminous Silk Foundation by Giorgio Armani Beauty (and I’ve heard even more about this one, bad and good things)
  22. A bag by OFF WHITE, I want that black one with the yellow strap but I can’t find it right now
  23. Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier (smells goooooodd)
  24. A new laptop, maybe a Macbook
  25. A PUPPY!!!

I mean there’re so much more I’d love to have but these are the ones I like the most at the mo! I guess there’s gonna be a pt. 2, 3, 4, 5…


XOXO Kassiopeia


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