My (late) November Favs

I know November is already over and Christmas is coming (Ahhhhh how exiting!!! I don’t know what it is but I’m really looking forward to Christmasssss!!! I have some good Blog Post ideas) but I still love my favs of November. So let’s start:



One of my two Beauty Loves this month is my “Mary Lou Manizer” Highlighter by the Balm I use it every day, it’s just simple, not too much for school but in combo with the MAC fix + plus it popzzzz (so you can also put it on for a night out)!!! Also now a part of my daily routine is the “They’re real” Mascara by benefit, I love it but it’s actually quite hard to get it off which isn’t a bad sign. I wouldn’t layer it cause then all lashes will stick together into three big ones… other than that it’s a fantastic mascara. Oh no, I forgot about my the hand cream by Zoella, “Wonder Hands”,ß it’s moisturising, it smells good and makes your hands super soft.



I loooovvveee my yellow Fjällräven Kånken in Big, I use it as school backpack and all my books, planers and also my big folder fits in in, yeaaahhh! It suits most of my coats and it just looks fashionable, wuubbb.

Then my cosy socks, I can’t remember where I bought them but it’s about these fluffy socks in general: for winter it’s just the best and it adds on this Christmas feelings. Also I love to wear them while watching my two favourite series “Unbreakable – Kimmy Schmidt”, it’s just funny and you don’t have to think a lot what I sometimes need, and “Stranger Things” which is the complete opposite and I love it even more. Did you hear that there is a new season coming?!!?



Then this book which is called “Sophie’s World” in English, if you love philosophy then read this no matter what age you are. I’ve just read some parts of it but it’s so easy explained and as always it’s worth buying.



And last but not least, my Unicorn bedding which is fab! I got it for my birthday and I don’t want to take it off, I mean, it says “Do you believe in magic?” on it!!!

And now a happy December!!


XOXO Kassiopeia

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