Stressed out.

Whatever you do and whoever you are, I’m sure you know how it feels to be stressed. You know exactly if there’s one more thing to do I’m gonna freak out. That’s how I feel right now. School started, all these tests and important grades, especially because it’s kind of the final spurt and everything seems to be even more serious than ever. And this atmosphere with all the teachers telling us we have to study hard and even more and all of my mates being so stressed is really nerve-wrecking!!! I come home and I’m tired, I go to school and I’m tired. School (I’m sure work does as well) absorbs all of my energy sometimes, but whatever I do it’s still not good enough.



How do you get calm? Some sit down and have some tea and a book, some do yoga or sport, some enjoy a wellness treatment or get their nails done and there are so many other options and preferences. I like to listen to music and close my eyes, just listening and not thinking about something else. Baking and Cooking also helps me relaxing as well as writing, one of the reasons I’ve started this Blog.



I’ve learned that it is pretty important to take breaks because you might think at first you can do it and you will persevere but then after some time working hard and long it will weaken everything you do. So that’s what I do I calm down after school, take a break, do my homework and learn, get some sleep and the start this all over again.

Please don’t loose yourself in work and learning, there are more important things in your life you can easily forget about, watch out!



My favourite relaxing songs are Place We Were Made ~ Maisie Peters, Save Myself ~ Ed Sheeran, All My Love ~ Cash Cash, Conor Maynard. So what I also like to do is watching some series on Netflix, my favs are (of course) Pretty Little Liars, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and if I want to relax 100% and don’t think about murders and demons I watch That ’70s Show. Maybe you’ll try some of these and they gonna help you calm down as well or you have your own chilling recipe.


XOXO Kassiopeia

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