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Day 7 || Scottish Borders, some people aren’t really enjoying this area as much as the rest of Scotland but we had an exciting day there. Our tour started (of course from Stirling but then) in Peebles which is viewed as one of most beautiful cities in the Borders. We didn’t stay there long because our actual travail destination was Abbotsford, the Home of Sir Walter Scott. He was a poet an author late 18th and the early 19th century and at that time his books were read all over the World, maybe you know some of his work, for example ”Rob Roy” (1817) or ”Ivanhoe” (1819) . If you want to get to know this genius a little bit more, click here. So we visited his garden which is pretty big and gorgeous and his house which also was a great experience and I liked the historical vibes in there (Sorry again for the bad pictures indoors, flash lights were forbidden).



In his library are about 7000 books and those are only the ones which are shown, he had even more.



The ”Chinese Drawing Room” was so beautiful, the wallpaper was HAND-PAINTED and I’m glad that it survived all these centuries!!!



The ”Dining Room” is the place where Sir Walter Scott actually died on 21th of September 1832 in view of the river Tweed which still flows by his property. Quote ( son-in-law): ”It was so quiet a day that the sound he best loved, the gentle ripple of the Tweed over its pebbles, was distinctly audible as we knelt around his bed”. Sad but also happy, isn’t it? He died looking at his loved Tweed and being with his family‚Ķ what else could you want?



By the way before we visited the garden and house we’ve had a little snack in the restaurant which is in the building in front of the actual land.



Next Stop: Melrose Abbey. This Abbey was (for once) beautilicious! Most amusing about this place is the little bagpipes playing pig on the side of the Abbey.



And in the evening my favourite attraction of the day (besides Scott’s house) was the ”Smailholm Tower”. It was already closed when we arrived but that didn’t hold us back,we climbed up there and enjoyed the view although we couldn’t get into the tower.



And on the way back we stopped by the ”Scott’s View” for a few minutes. It is the place where Sir Walter often took a break, gorgeous, right?



Again I fall asleep in the car on the way home and then watched so episodes of ”Dinner Date”, do you know this series, isn’t it funny? See you tomorrow with another post!!!


XOXO Kassiopeia

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