Scotland || Sweet, Sweet Edinburgh

Day 5 || Today, we visited the wonderful capital city of Scotland: EDINBURGH! In the morning, we took the trams to Edinburgh and went down Princess Street, a loooooonnnnggg shopping street (ahhhhh!!!) and up to High Street where the so called Fringe Festival took place. At first, it was very interesting watching all the different performers, actors, musicians, comedians and dancers, but then it started to annoy us because they all wanted to give us flyers and advertise their shows in the evening and there were so many of which meant a thousand flyers so we were very glad when we reached the end of this festival street. If you’re ever gonna come to Edinburgh and don’t want to stop every other second because someone wants to tell you about an incredible show later, I would recommend avoiding this area around High Street. It’s not like I can’t understand these people, of course that festival is a pretty good chance for them to get noticed and earn money, but for us it was just very stressful. For lunch we went to the famous vegetarian restaurant ”Hendersons” , St. Giles Street, but honestly I didn’t enjoyed the food that much and not worth your money except of the Fish and Chips my dad got. But the restaurant itself was very elegant and stylish and I know there is a Salad Table restaurant by ”Hendersons” in the Hanover Street and maybe it tastes better there.



Next we walked to ”the elephant house” where J. K. Rowling wrote some of the first Harry Potter books and as you may or may not know I’m a big Harry Potter Fan!



I hoped we could grab a coffee there and enjoy the atmosphere but there we so many people who had the same idea so I just took a photo and we ( I ) decided to walk around in ”Greyfriars Kirkyard” and search for the grave of Thomas Riddle, yes Thomas not Tom, because only exists in Rowling stories but this grave inspired her so of course I had to visit it :).



In front of the cemetery there’s the ”Greyfriars Bobby Memorial”, a statue which tells a very sad legend of a dog who represents loyalty and endless love, read the whole story here , it’s too cute. Supposedly, rubbing the nose of the dog brings luck, so of course I had to do it and I guess that is the reason why the weather is so good while we’re visiting Scotland.



Right next to the graveyard lies the famous Victoria Street which again has something to do with Harry Potter, can you guess by the pictures?



It was the inspiration for the Diagon Alley in Harry Potter and the shop ” Aha Ha Ha Jokes and Novelties” at the end of this street even has a sign warning tourists that they’re not the Weasleys’ Wizarf Wheezes store. But there’s also a shop all about Harry Potter and again there were so many people trying to get in there. So instead of stopping for this shop we took a break in a little French coffeeshop, ”Le Barantine Victoria” , look what we got and try not to want one of these treats!!!



Although it started to rain we explored a bit more before heading homewards and another amazing day ended.



XOXO Kassiopeia


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