Scotland || South-east coast

Day 3 || Today, we took a roadtrip along the south-east coast of Scotland. First Stop: Culross, a little cute village with a few shops, a big but as we learned later boring Abbey and a huge playground which I probably would have enjoyed… like ten years ago.



Before we walked up to the Abbey we had to stay at Bessie’s Cafe at Culross Palace and grab a little snack.



Then we took the long rise to the Abbey which overlooks the village majestically. On the way we got a liiiiiitttllleeee lost but a really, really nice guy helped us find the way because we had mistaken a big private country residence for being the church. Finally, we reached our destination but when we walked in there we were like ”Okay, where is the rest? That’s it? We walked up this bloody hill for this?”.



So all we could do about it was wandering back to the car park but through the so called ”Hanging Garden” which we spotted on the way down we became reconciled with Culross.



Second Stop: Crail and one of the most photographed harbours. Worth a visit and especially on a windy and cloudy day like today, it looked so dramatic and somehow romantic. Wait for the pics 🙂



And last but not least: St. Andrews, the home of golf. We were a little late to visit the ruin of the cathedral and also the battery of my camera ran out so I had to take pictures with my phone which means not so great photos of here. But it wasn’t to late for a beachwalk and we enjoyed the wild sea, watched surfers fighting against the waves and the people, mostly young students or tourists, passing by.



Unfortunately, every wonderful moment has to end but that just means another one can come and today after that beach moment the moment of food followed which is always a good moment, isn’t it? Although there were plenty of restaurants it was quite hard for us to find one because some of them hadn’t had any vegetarian dishes and others had been too boring, so in the end we got some Thai noddles, yummy!!! And then some ice cream as desert by  Jannettas Gelateria, there were a lot of people waiting in front of this shop, so we thought that ice cream has to be really good and seeing children with big ice cream portions which looked so fancy with all the sprinkles and marshmallows convinced us to try it ourselves. And OMG please go there if you have the chance!!! So many great flavours and I would have tried them all but my parents didn’t let me, so I picked ”salted caramel” which was amaaaaazzzinnggggg, mmmmhhh!!!!



Than the long way back to our apartment and as usually I fell asleep in the car while listening to ”Sense and Sensibility” by Jane Austen ( yes, I lovvvveee her, she’s my idol, sadly she’s died 200 years ago and there will be no more books than those I already know off by heart 🙁 ). Back in Stirling, we made some great plans for tomorrow, so stay tuned!


XOXO Kassiopeia


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