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Day 2 || So today my alarm rang at 5 o’clock, yes, on purpose! Cause you know, the early bird catches the worm or in my case: the early girl catches the sunrise and makes some good photos. It was quite cool walking around in Stirling and being the only one up and I actually took some nice pictures, I really like them.



I wandered along a pretty long street until I got to a field with the name ”THE KINGS KNOT”. It was so large and there was nobody, besides me and some sleeping cows on the other fields. On the hill next to the ”knot”, I spotted the castle of Stirling, the rising sun and the morning fog made it look so mysterious and magical and you could really imagine the knights who used to live in the castle walking around up there.



After two hours exploring beautiful Stirling I went back home and had my first breakfast in Scotland, neither porridge nor sausages and baked beans, not even vegetarian sausages, but it was still very, very delicious, even more after that long and exiting morning. And then the real adventure of the day started: a one hour drive through … well, through nothing.



It was amazing, we were overwhelmed by the beautiful wilderness, by the untouched nature of Scotland and we had it all to ourselves. But after a while the bad road ended and a proper one began which leaded us to the wonderful village Luss. Well and let me tell you, we weren’t the only ones here, there we a lot (A LOT!!!) of people, German, French, Spanish, Japanese people, all kinds. Understandable because the ambience was so calming with the cute little beach, the old houses and the few shops, we were there at least two hours, just sitting around, staring at the water and talking about our holiday in Scotland, how it has been the best decision of our life so far.



Finally, we were willing to tear ourselves away from Luss and drove by Loch Lomond where we made some short stops to enjoy the landscape and take some photos. The last stop before we went home was the Falls of Falloch, a little waterfall hidden in the woods but only a short walk from the car park and it was so worth it, take a look:



Our first day was definitely a success and I fall tired but happy into bed 🙂

          XOXO Kassiopeia


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