Scotland || The Adventure begins

Day 1 || How exiting! SCOTLAND, the country of bagpipes, beautiful landscapes and whisky and I’m having the chance to visit it, I know, crazy right? So first, my mum, my dad and I flew to the airport of Düsseldorf and guess what, the sandwiches which were given to us during the flight were really, really tasty… no, just joking, they tasted awful.



In Düsseldorf, we waited for our second flight to Glasgow which came an hour late, but we didn’t really mind cause although we had that ”delicious” snack on the plane, we were still a bit hungry. And how kind, they offered us another one of these sandwiches on our flight from Germany to Scotland, hooray!!! Luckily enough, our plane arrived safe in Glasgow and everything went well with our rented car.



Of course, it’s quite different for us because normally we drive on the right side but my dad who drove us home got used to it very fast and soon we reached Stirling where we’re staying for twelve days. Our holiday flat is sooo cute and I LOVE it here!!! Stirling is beautiful and what I saw of the rest of Scotland so far is gorgeous as well. I haven’t seen a single bagpipe yet but as it’s always said the landscapes are indeed breathtaking. I’m ready to see so much MORE of this incredible, mysterious and colourful country and I hope you’re ready, too.



          XOXO Kassiopeia


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