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Hello there, I’m Charlotte aka. Kassiopeia!

I grew up and still live and go to school in wonderful Bavaria in good Germany. I’m a Joker, I love to make people laugh, I’m a Dreamer, I have lots of imagination (maybe too much), I’m a Enjoyer, food, photographs, anything, I’m a Traveller, I looovvee travelling and exploring, I’m a Writer, I used to write many short stories when I was younger, and I’m 50% Hufflepuff and 50% Gryffindor, trust me, it has been tested.

After some back and forth thinking, I finally decided to start a blog, a space for me to share my opinions and interests: Photography, Writing, Fashion, Food, Beauty (outer as well as inner), Books and much more. I’m exited because who knows what’s going to happen next and I’d love if you join this journey of my blog and me.

”Why Kassiopeia?” you’re maybe asking, well, here we go: I was looking for a perfect name for my blog and when my mum and I were talking about the books she used to read to me when I was younger and I remembered the german novel ”MOMO” being one of my favs. It’s about some evil men who steal peoples time and a little girl, Momo, who brings the time back. Momos little helper is a wise turtle and guess what her name is: Kassiopeia. So that is the main reason but there is also a beautiful constellation named after Kassiopeia, a women in Greek mythology.See Kassiopeia is just a wonderful mysterious name and it just somehow seemed to be the right one for my blog, I can’t really explain, it’s perfect.


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